Lot of our guests visit us a second, third time, if not more frequently. It’s their referrals that drive us on, to make each visit worth it. Over the years, our guests have been a source of encouragement and the reason why we at Kuflon have carved a true hideaway in the Himalayas.

Should you need reference or would like to speak with any of our guests, we would be happy to put you in touch with them.

Dharamjit Kak, Architect, Bangalore
We urban cats from the concrete jungle can feel surprisingly out of place in the wild. But this place makes it worth it.

Anando Das Gupta, Web designer, Delhi
Awesome place! Enjoyed a lot. Got exactly what I was looking for. Loved the food and the company.

Suprio Mukherjee , Angler, Delhi
Came with a lot of expectations yet was still not prepared for 4 outstanding days. Brilliant river, outstanding company, beautiful mountains – life is good .

Laxmi Singh , Wildlife enthusiast , Delhi
Just the right kind of place for a few seeking to look within. Will definitely visit again, when in the mountains.

Shalini/ Jayant / Vihaan Nadkarni , Entrepreneur, Delhi
It was a wonderful experience which got us to Kuflon Basics as the name suggests. The room was extremely comfortable, more than met our expectations. Got to meet some great people.

Meera Kumari , Art Director, London
You’ve created such a special place here. Congratulations. But 3 days is not long enough for all the activities and trips. It’s been very busy.

Adil / Rinchen Nargolwala , Motor ralliest, New Delhi
A great place, well laid out. Peaceful and quiet place, the greenery is a delight to the eyes.

Marcia / Jeff Marsted , Anglers, USA
A wonderful, peaceful spot. Worth the hike up! Perfect room. Loved seeing your garden in progress and the way you have used the land . Loved dinner around the fire .

Franke Katherina Wegmann, Photographer, Germany
I did not know before, why you call this place a “hideaway”. Perfectly what I was looking for, while escaping for a little time. Great for refreshing thoughts, views, all body cells. Even heavy rainfall and stormy nights made me feel comfortable here. Thanks for the silence and sounds of the river, feeding great food, taking care.

Priti Ashoka, Teacher, Bangalore
Wow! What a fabulous place. The roar of the rushing waters, the orchestra of crickets, delicious food and even the accommodation appears luxurious after camping on the trek. A warm hospitable host. Keep it basic as long as you can. We get enough indulgence outside.

Sangeeta Kala, Faculty, American Embassy School, Delhi
We spent 3 nights here. No traffic noise, birds, crickets and cicadas and the ever-present white noise of the river. Stars the Milky Way and the night bonfire.

Pragati Verma, Journalist, Financial Express , Delhi
We had a great holiday. Great food, lovely sights, experiences to remember and a very friendly host. I don’t know if we could ask for more. Wish we could spend a little more time doing nothing.

Vinay Badola, Fly fisherman, Dehradun
They are no Mahseer, but the Assiganga Brown trout are definitely more obliging to the angler, especially fly fishers. As always, a wonderful treat to be here.

Harsha Dharamshi , Housewife, Mumbai
A Great hideaway. A warm host, good food. Would love to come back here.

Mona Kachhwaha , Banker , Citibank, Gurgaon
Wonderful location. Stunning views. Very warm and hospitable host . A great escape from the drudgeries of life.

Gurpreet / Simrat / Parmeet – Surgeon, Varanasi
A perfect hideaway!! Excellent hospitality!! Kids had a wonderful time with Anil on the various trails. Enjoyed the culinary skills of Uttam and companionship of Ghappu.

Francine Scott, Student, Australia
It really is a hideaway in the hills. I love the eco friendly concept, the scenery, the hiking, the food, and the company.

Abhay / Aryman Sapru , Security consultant , Deutsche Bank, Mumbai
Great place. A tremendous potential for a perfect outdoor holiday.

Claus Qrist Jessen , Angler, Denmark
Nice place, nice fishing and excellent food. Try the mutton curry!

Brinda (Pia) Datta, Media Designer, Delhi
I am so glad I’ve found another perfect spot I can escape to. The Assiganga, bird life , an ideal trek up to the peaks , Dodital , the accommodation, arrangements were lovely and it makes all the difference to have a host like you. Will be back.

Deeksha Seethapathy, Airhostess, Singapore airlines , Singapore
A beautiful getaway from the busy city life. An absolute refreshing trip, worth the visit. Fabulous food and a well maintained set up.

WG CDR S.P Kumar (Retd), Delhi
This place is out of the world. Nice feeling after a hectic city life and 40 degrees temperature back in Delhi. Very dedicated staff you have. The food was delicious – just like home cooked food.

Yudhistir Urs, VJ, Channel V, Mumbai
Excellent location. Very comfortable tents . Food was delicious. The dogs were very welcoming and I loved them. They add to the place. The area around was super nice to trek and do some thinking. Very relaxing. The sound of the river is so soothing.

Michael Carter, Director, World Bank, Delhi
This is a wonderful place and we are very impressed by the thought and sensitivity with which it has been developed.

Michael Phelps, Investment banker, Newyork
Wonderful trek. The team was fantastic. It could not have been better. Camp is so welcoming and enjoyable. It makes me want to stay!

Cyrus Sahukar, VJ, Mtv, Mumbai
I loved everything here : the pool, food, the treks, the fishing but most of all after a very longtime I truly liked myself. A gracious host and the service royal .

Manushka Khisty, Model, Mumbai
A beautiful serene valley with many wonderful activities. I had a lovely time, everyone was friendly and helpful and Anil’s company was great. I will recommend this peaceful camp highly to all my friends. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Nikhil Alva , Promoter, Miditech Productions, Delhi
Great location. Very peaceful. A great escape. Liked the food, the clean rooms, the bathrooms and Pele’s ‘personalised service. This place has great potential; it just needs a focused marketing strategy. Should rock!

Kanchan Ranjan, Housewife, Mumbai
Kuflon is for us Mumbaites a wild experience of fun. We had fun during our stay. The hospitality was beyond our thoughts by Anil looking after us in all aspects. Very neat place.

Regi, Businessman, Chennai
On the way from Uttarkashi it was Kuflon Basics. On the way down from Dodital (after a couple of nights in the wild) it was Kuflon Hilton!! Great place. Done up tastefully & clean bathrooms.

Varkey Varughese , Businessman, Kerala
I was impressed by the cleanliness especially the bathrooms. It is important to keep the place to a size where you can maintain it. Excellent you are doing that now. Sitting by the fire in the evening is wonderful.

Ashwin Shah, Software Engineer, IBM , Delhi
The personal touch is everywhere. The campsite is a labour of love and has the right vibes. Will keep coming back.

John Mcandles , Principal , American Embassy School, Delhi
What a great change of pace from Delhi. Room, food, service and company are all outstanding. You have a very hospitable camp. I only hope it doesn’t become too popular too soon.

Village Kuflon, Sangamchatti Road, P.O Kalyani, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand - 249193