• We urban cats from the concrete jungle can feel surprisingly out of place in the wild. But this place makes it worth it.

    Dharamjit Kak, Architect, Bangalore

  • Awesome place! Enjoyed a lot. Got exactly what I was looking for. Loved the food and the company.

    Anando Das Gupta, Web designer, Delhi

  • Came with a lot of expectations yet was still not prepared for 4 outstanding days. Brilliant river, outstanding company, beautiful mountains life is good.

    Suprio Mukherjee , Angler, Delhi

  • Just the right kind of place for a few seeking to look within. Will definitely visit again, when in the mountains.

    Laxmi Singh , Wildlife enthusiast , Delhi

  • It was a wonderful experience which got us to ‘basics’ as the name suggests. The room was extremely comfortable…

    Shalini/ Jayant / Vihaan Nadkarni , Entrepreneur, Delhi

  • You’ve created such a special place here. Congratulations. But 3 days is not long enough for all the activities and trips.

    Meera Kumari , Art Director, London

  • A great place, well laid out. Peaceful and quiet place, the greenery is a delight to the eyes.

    Adil / Rinchen Nargolwala , Motor ralliest, New Delhi

  • A wonderful, peaceful spot. Worth the hike up! Perfect room. Loved seeing your garden in progress and the…

    Marcia / Jeff Marsted , Anglers, USA

  • I did not know before, why you call this place a ‘hideaway’. Perfectly what I was looking for, while escaping…

    Franke Katherina Wegmann, Photographer, Germany

  • Wow! What a fabulous place. The roar of the rushing waters, the orchestra of crickets, delicious food and ….

    Priti Ashoka, Teacher, Bangalore

  • We spent 3 nights here. No traffic noise, birds, crickets and cicadas and the ever-present white noise of the river.

    Sangeeta Kala, Faculty, American Embassy School, Delhi

  • We had a great holiday. Great food, lovely sights, experiences to remember and a very friendly host.

    Pragati Verma, Journalist, Financial Express , Delhi

  • They’re no Mahseer, but the Assiganga Brown trout are definitely more obliging to the angler, especially fly fishers.

    Vinay Badola, Fly fisherman, Dehradun

  • A Great hideaway. A warm host, good food. Would love to come back here.

    Harsha Dharamshi , Housewife, Mumbai

  • Wonderful location. Stunning views. Very warm and hospitable host . A great escape from the drudgeries of life.

    Mona Kachhwaha , Banker , Citibank, Gurgaon

  • A perfect hideaway!! Excellent hospitality!! Kids had a wonderful time with Anil on the various trails.

    Gurpreet / Simrat / Parmeet Surgeon, Varanasi

  • It really is a hideaway in the hills. I love the eco friendly concept, the scenery, the hiking, the food, and the company.

    Francine Scott, Student, Australia

  • Great place. A tremendous potential for a perfect outdoor holiday.

    Abhay / Aryman Sapru, Mumbai

  • Nice place, nice fishing and excellent food. Try the mutton curry!

    Claus Qrist Jessen , Angler, Denmark

  • I am so glad I’ve found another perfect spot I can escape to. The Assiganga, bird life , an ideal trek up to the peaks…

    Brinda (Pia) Datta, Media Designer, Delhi

  • A beautiful getaway from the busy city life. An absolute refreshing trip, worth the visit. Fabulous food and a well maintained set up.

    Deeksha Seethapathy, Airhostess, Singapore airlines , Singapore

  • This place is out of the world. Nice feeling after a hectic city life and 40 degrees temperature back in Delhi. Very dedicated staff you have.

    WG CDR S.P Kumar (Retd), Delhi

  • Excellent location. Very comfortable tents . Food was delicious. The dogs were very welcoming and I loved them.

    Yudhistir Urs, VJ, Channel V, Mumbai

  • This is a wonderful place and we are very impressed by the thought and sensitivity with which it has been developed.

    Michael Carter, Director, World Bank, Delhi

  • Wonderful trek. The team was fantastic. It could not have been better. Camp is so welcoming and enjoyable.

    Michael Phelps, Investment banker, Newyork

  • I loved everything here the pool, food, the treks, the fishing but most of all after a very longtime I truly liked myself.

    Cyrus Sahukar, VJ, Mtv, Mumbai

  • A beautiful serene valley with many wonderful activities. I had a lovely time, everyone was friendly and helpful and Anil’s company was great.

    Manushka Khisty, Model, Mumbai

  • Great location. Very peaceful. A ‘great escape Liked the food, the clean rooms, the bathrooms and Pele’s ‘personalised’ service.

    Nikhil Alva , Promoter, Miditech Productions, Delhi

  • Kuflon is for us Mumbaites a wild experience of fun. We had fun during our stay. The hospitality was beyond our thoughts…

    Kanchan Ranjan, Housewife, Mumbai

  • On the way from Uttarkashi it was Kuflon Basics. On the way down from Dodital (after a couple of nights in the wild).

    Regi, Businessman, Chennai

  • I was impressed by the cleanliness especially the bathrooms. It is important to keep the place to a size…

    Varkey Varughese , Businessman, Kerala

  • The personal touch is everywhere. The campsite is a labour of love and has the right vibes.

    Ashwin Shah, Software Engineer, IBM , Delhi

  • What a great change of pace from Delhi. Room, food, service and company are all outstanding. You have a very hospitable camp.

    John Mcandles , Principal , American Embassy School, Delhi

Village Kuflon, Sangamchatti Road, P.O Kalyani, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand - 249193