The same can be added to the regular packages or your stay at Kuflon

Note: Angling is subject to permission available from the Forest department on advance notice. Most importantly, we are promoting angling as a sport, and the permit issued to us, strictly underlines the catch and release policy. We release all fish caught irrespective of size or numbers and we use barbless hooks to minimize damage.

Angling for beginners, with us: The first thing a beginner needs to do is to tune the head and senses into the river. We are here to show you how to connect with fish, after you learn the basic skills – how to tie on a hook, whether to use a lure or bait or even where to look for fish. Our Novice Sessions are geared towards taking a non-angler to the water and help attach them to a fish.
A typical fishing session: (maximum 2 anglers) A normal fishing session varies from 2 to 3 hrs. depending on ones patience and energy. For Beginners we use spin rods and lures with barbless hooks to ensure safe releases. Landing nets are provided and we’ll show you how to use them. We carry packed meals or hike back to camp for lunch. Mind you, it won’t be your idea of fishing – relaxing with refreshments and waiting for the fish to come to you. You have to go to the fish. It may be exhausting for first timers, but good fishing never comes easy. Expect to walk over boulders along the bank of the river or even wade through ice cold pools to get the best catch. Our best session gave us over 22 fish in one session with last best recorded size being 4 pounds / 2 kilos.

Cost for angling: Rs 500 per trip (2-3 hrs) per person + Rs 500 angling permit per rod per day.

Inclusive : Gillie (helper) between two rods and fishing tackle (spinning rods, matching reels, hooks and weights. Please bring spinners) provided. For flyfishing, please bring your own rod and tackle.

Season: Fishing is temporarily restricted in trout rivers in the region from 15th November to 28th February each year to facilitate the fishes to spawn and propagate.
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